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Deasachadh │ Editing

Marcas work as a literary editor combines a diverse range of skills including sub-editing, editing of poetry, transcription, translation and consultancy. He has worked with a select number of authors and companies to get texts to publication standard on a freelance basis since 2016. 

Whether your Gaelic grammar needs the once-over or your have a collection of poems ready for fresh eye, Marcas can bring over a decade of writing and publishing experience to your project. In 2021 he is set to work with Edinburgh's Leamington Books to bring a select group of emergent poets into print for the first time.

Marcas has been the Gaelic Editor of 'The Poets' Republic / Poblachd nam Bàrd' almost since its inception. Over the years he has published a number of established and emergent poets, working in Gaelic and other minoritised languages, working with the editorial team to enrich the contemporary literary landscape.

Poblachd nam Bàrd  The Poets' Republic


Mòran Taing


Alongside Custal y Lewin, Marcas co-edited this special volume of history, testimony and creative writing, celebrating 180 years of the University of Edinburgh's Highland Society. 

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