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Marcas Mac an Tuairneir

Litreachail │ literary

Bidh Marcas ag obair tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig, na Beurla is na Polàrais agus tha e na sgrìobhadair a choisinn deagh chliù is iomadach duais. Thathar an dùil ris an treas co-chruinneachadh aige - 'Polaris' - le Leamington Books.


Mus do chuir e Polaris air bhog ann an 2022, bha e air trì co-chruinneachaidhean bàrdachd fhoillseachadh - 'Deò', (Gracenote Publications, 2013) 'Lus na Tùise', ‘Dùileach’, (Evertype, 2021) - agus a’ phamflaid co-sgrìobhte 'beul-fo-bhonn'.

Bha an treas co-chruinneachadh aige 'Dùileach' air geàrr-liosta Dhuais Ruaraidh MhicThòmais ann an 2022.

Marcas is a critically-acclaimed and award-winning writer, working through Scottish Gaelic, English, and Polari. His fourth collection - 'Polaris' was published by Leamington Books.


Prior to Polaris' 2022 release he published three collections  - 'Deò' (Gracenote Publications, 2013), 'Lus na Tùise', Dùileach', (Evertype, 2021) - and the co-authored pamphlet 'beul-fo-bhonn'.

His third collection, 'Dùileach' was short-listed for the Derick Thompson Prize in 2022.


Sgrìobhadh Mharcais │ Marcas' Writing

“Sharp imagery and striking honesty - a great example of the power of the Gaelic language to capture the contemporary”

Catrìona Lexy Campbell


“This is exactly what the current Gaelic literary world needs”

Martin MacIntyre


“The result is at once passionate yet composed, erotic and confident”

Prof. Moray Watson


“Unapologetic, sensual, heady and evocative - it’s proper literature with a passion that’s palpable”

Katie Laing


“To encounter Marcas’ writing is to learn the true meaning of duality

All of this is openly, lovingly, fiercely articulated in Marcas’ poems

To read them in either language is to illuminate a prismatic world of words”

Mary Ann Kennedy

“'S e bàrdachd lìomhte, ullamh a th’ ann”

“It is polished, mature poetry”

Myles Campbell


"When Marcas came across Gaelic, not only did he learn it to fluency, but he grabbed it between his teeth and shook it until its words of poetry, song and prose poured like a stream out of its marrow


They poured out like seed on winnowing day

He didn’t allow them to blow with the wind as often happens, but put them in an order, steady and thoughtful"

Dr. Dolina MacLennan


Duaisean │ Awards


The Baker Prize (Gaelic) - Skye Reading Room – First Place
Off the Stanza! - Stirling Book Festival – Third Place

Gaelic Poetry Prize – Wigtown Book Festival – Shortlisted
The National William Blake Poetry Prize – The Big Blake Project – Runner Up
Write Up North! – Association of Scottish Writers – First Place

Duais Filíochta Dhúbhglas de hÍde – Strokestown Poetry Festival – Shortlisted
Vernal Competition - Federation of Writers (Scotland) – Commended
Wildcard - Sabateur Awards – Shortlisted
Gaelic Poetry Prize – Wigtown Book Festival – Second Place

New Gaelic Playwright of the Year – Playwrights’ Studio Scotland / Comhairle nan Leabhraichean – First Place

Stornoway Gazette Trophy for a New Gaelic Play – Royal National Mòd, Stornoway - First Place
Wildcard, Best Spoken Word and Best Reviewer – Saboteur Awards - Longlisted
Gaelic Poetry Prize – Wigtown Book Festival - Winner

Stornoway Gazette Trophy for a New Gaelic Play – Royal National Mòd, Fort William - First Place


Gaelic Poetry Prize – Wigtown Book Festival – Second Place

Duais na Bàrdachd - Am Mòd Biortail - First Place


Gaelic Competition - Federation of Writers (Scotland) Vernal Equinox Competition - Second Place

Best Scottish Poems - Scottish Poetry Library


The Derick Thompson Prize - Gaelic Books Council - Shortlisted

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