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ceòl pop │ pop

It takes courage to chart unknown waters, but in 2020, after a commission from the National Library of Scotland, Marcas did just that, picking up on the then-dormant Gaelic pop genre of the 1980s and inspired by those that went before - The 101 Band and Na Soluis Dhubh, with even a bit of Aneka thrown in for good measure.

After a period of artist development and songwriting boot-camp, under the tutelage of evergreen inspirations Nick Turner and Mary Ann Kennedy of Watercolour Music, Marcas released his début single - the electro-tinged 'Fichead 's a h-Ochd' in October 2020. 

This was soon followed by 'Bruidhinn', produced by LGBTQ icon, and Welsh-born, Manhattan-based pop impresario Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light) which took aim directly at anti-Gaelic prejudice in the mainstream media, becoming a music video moment of the year.

Third single 'Nochd', produced by Kerry-born, London-based Gary Keane (Electric Pineapple) sealed Marcas reputation as the 'King of Gaelic Pop' (Rachel Kennedy, Rapal).

2021 has seen Marcas return to the studio to collaborate with Edinburgh-based Adam Holmes on two highly personal tracks slated for release on his forthcomign début album 'Speactram' - the title track a bllad co-written with Gille MacKenzie. 

With forthcoming collaborations with Ross Whyte, Mary Ann and Nick in the pipeline, it's clear that 2021 will continue to be the year that Gaelic went pop!