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ceòl pop │ pop

It takes courage to chart unknown waters, but in 2020, after a commission from the National Library of Scotland, Marcas did just that, picking up on the then-dormant Gaelic pop genre of the 1980s and inspired by those that went before - The 101 Band and Na Soluis Dhubh, with even a bit of Aneka thrown in for good measure.

After a period of artist development and songwriting boot-camp, under the tutelage of evergreen inspirations Nick Turner and Mary Ann Kennedy of Watercolour Music, Marcas released his début single - the electro-tinged 'Fichead 's a h-Ochd' in October 2020. 

This was soon followed by 'Bruidhinn', produced by LGBTQ icon, and Welsh-born, Manhattan-based pop impresario Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light) which took aim directly at anti-Gaelic prejudice in the mainstream media, becoming a music video moment of the year.

Third single 'Nochd', produced by Kerry-born, London-based Gary Keane (Electric Pineapple) sealed Marcas reputation as the 'King of Gaelic Pop' (Rachel Kennedy, Rapal).

2021 saw Marcas return to the studio to collaborate with Edinburgh-based Adam Holmes on four highly personal tracks slated for release on his 2022 début album 'Speactram' - the title track a ballad co-written with Gille MacKenzie. 

Speactram was released in Summer 2022, to world-wide acclaim and spawned three songs featured in music videos - Edinburgh Gaelic anthem 'Èirigh', dance-floor stomper 'Calman' and the emotional ballad 'Silhouette'.

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