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Marcas has for over a decade been a recognisable feature across the Gaelic media, featuring on both BBC Alba and Radio nan Gàidheal. On television, Marcas has contributed to series of 'Gun Sgot', 'Leugh Mi' and 'Sianar aig Bòrd', as well as two landmark editions of the award-winning 'Trusadh' series - 'Bogha-frois', which celebrated LGBTQ lived experience in the Gaelic-speaking community, Highland, Island and Urban and 'Leabhraichean Gàidhlig', which saw Cathy MacDonald meeting with a number of the contemporary era's key Gaelic literary voices.

On Radio, Marcas is a regular contributor to 'Feasgar' often jouining Cathy to discuss current affairs in the news and he has also contributed arts and books reviews, there too. Marcas also regularly features as a commentator across the Gaelic media's news platforms - 'Aithris na Maidne,' 'Aithris an Fheasgair' on BBC Radio nan Gàidheal and 'An Là' on BBC Alba. 

Marcas previously presented two radio shows for Celtic Music Radio - 'Tìr gun Chrìochan', which featured music from across the Celtic Nations, and 'Buille', which brought a number of contemporary Celtic artists working in pop, electronic and dance genres to Scottish audiences, for the first time.

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